People and Places are what I love.

Born and raised near Brighton in 1976, I started my photographic journey capturing life and travel. My passion for visiting new places equalled my love for people watching and probably why my photographic style came fairly natural to me. People and Places are what I love.

I feel extremely lucky to have met and worked alongside many talented photographers over the years and I am proud to class many of them as good friends now.

I now work very closely with Olympus UK as an Ambassador for the brand, where my work features in their publications alongside my interviews. My work also features on Street Photography London website as one of the collectives and now and again can also be found in London Art Galleries.

Where possible I also like to help and support those less fortunate. Most recently I joined the “Print for the Philippines” campaign, which helped to raise over £7,000 for the appeal.

In my spare time I like to keep fit, dine out and spend time with my family.