Lindsay Dobson is a multi-award-winning portrait photographer based in rural West Sussex. Lindsay’s animal photographs have brought her worldwide recognition including Fellowships with the BIPP and the Societies. Her work is regularly seen in the photographic press. As well as managing a full-time business specialising in both people and animal portraiture, Lindsay shares her knowledge with private students and a growing blog audience. A great believer in teaching from the ground up, she helps new and aspiring photographers to achieve their goals.

As a location photographer Lindsay can spend hours on her feet with a camera in her hands, so it’s vital to choose equipment which will ease the physical burden yet still provide superb performance. The Olympus OM-D system is also discreet and unimposing, allowing for more candid and spontaneous photography.

In recent years Lindsay has become renowned for her fine art animal images. Her philosophy is simple:

“I never want to produce staid or predictable mug shots …. every living thing has its own character, its own shape, and its own texture. By keeping my work as simple and precise as possible I strive to capture the essence of each subject”.