All photos taken by Stylonnylon with her Olympus PEN E-PL7. To see more, follow her blog here.

Behind every major style blogger, naturally, is an equally major camera, and the lens the fash pack are currently lining up in their finery to pose for is the Olympus PEN. You may have noticed the #OlympusPenGeneration taking over your Instagram feed in recent weeks and there’s good reason for it. Here’s what everyone’s talking about…

1. #OOTD Posts Have Never Been Easier

The bread and butter of every great fashion blogger’s feed is, of course, a great stream of Outfit Of The Day posts. Some try to balance their camera on a tripod across the room, setting a self-timer before trying to get into shot (and usually missing). Others ask a friend / boyfriend/ passer-by to take the photo for them. Every. Single. Day. But the savviest style bloggers utilise one of the Olympus PEN E-PL7 greatest features – the remote shutter release. Yes, by downloading the Olympus App, they can sync their phone screen to their camera screen, allowing them to use their phone as a remote, get into position, and trigger the shutter release from afar whenever they’re satisfied that they’ve got the best angle on those flares, their favourite new coat, or that crucial IT bag.

2. Insta Posting Is, Um, Instant

Want to share those super quality photos you’ve just taken, like, now? The Olympus PEN’s built-in Wifi connectivity and synchronising phone App mean that it takes seconds to post your PEN pictures on Instagram and Twitter. Bloggers rate the fact that they can also import their pics straight into their WordPress app, writing and building their next post completely on their phone. You can even adjust your settings to take square shots especially for Instagram.

3. Street Style Scenes Look Totally Professional

You know when you see those really professional street style pictures and the townhouse / street scene / McDonalds outlet behind the blogger is so artfully blurred out? Well the Olympus PEN has a magic button that will do that for you. In the camera’s Display Settings, there’s a Blur Background option with a slider to adjust just how blurry you want that backdrop. Professional, moi? Amazing to think isn’t it.

4. It’s Handbag Happy

Don’t be confused, the Olympus PEN isn’t a compact camera. But its sleek proportions, light weight and compact size (without compromising on picture quality) make it oh so easy for every blogger on the go to sling into her Chanel bag, wherever she goes. Whip this discreet camera out to catch arty street scenes, pretty brunch spots and changing room selfies alike. Way cooler than lugging around a chunking great DSLR…

5. Vloggers, It’s Made For You Too

The new Olympus PEN E-PL7 has a flip down screen, perfect for Vloggers wanting to see what on earth they look like when talking to camera. Practise makes perfect, of course, so this has got to be a far less painful way to learn than having to watch back hours of footage of yourself.

6. It’s An Instagram-Worthy Object Itself

Take a quick scan down any of your favourite fashion blogger’s Insta-feeds and you’ll notice the PEN popping up in beautifully styled flat lays, or clutched between gorgeously manicured paws in a perfectly-lit #OOTD mirror selfie. That’s because the PEN itself is a super-stylish object du jour. Glossy, functional and super chic, you might even say it steals focus from the fashionistas themselves. Just kidding. Or are we?