Tuning into Nature tells the story of Olympus Photographer Andy Rouse’s personal journey during lockdown. It’s the perfect book for anyone looking for inspiration to change for the better, through the wonderful power of nature and photography.

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Andy’s inspiring new book looks at the connections between mental health, nature and photography via his personal journey through the tough times of 2020. It’s a really personal book that Andy has written to help others with both their photography and their struggles in daily life, it’s uplifting throughout and shows how he fought through personal adversity and demons in 2020 to thrive and once again become the photographer, and the person, that he wanted to be.

Packed with 212 images in 221 pages, it is a magnificent book that will inspire anyone that reads it. Little owls, tigers, dandelions, kingfishers and the famous Derek the Hare are all featured plus so many more. 

Stunningly designed by Toby Haigh, beautifully printed in Italy, it’s simply a wonderful book to sit down and read. To make time in your life for the things that are important, which is what this book is all about!

Click through below to order your very own copy of Tuning into Nature on Andy’s website, you can even request a personalised message from the man himself!