Olympus 40-150mm telephoto is first past the post

    Monday, 17th November 2014

    Cheltenham Races provided the location for the first official UK unveiling of the new Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 40‑150mm 1:2.8 PRO telephoto zoom. Fully compatible with the brand’s Micro Four Thirds cameras, it was previously shown at Photokina back in September.

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    Olympus requests the pleasure of your company…

    Monday, 10th November 2014

    London’s opulent Savoy Hotel was the venue for another exclusive day of photographers getting one-on-one time with Olympus OM-D and PEN cameras, not to mention a plethora of lenses – including the brand new M.Zuiko Digital ED 40‑150mm 1:2.8 PRO in its first public outing. There was also the opportunity to use the range-topping FL-600R on-camera flash.

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    Thorp Perrow OM-D workshop with Steve Gosling

    Monday, 27th October 2014

    With autumn in full swing, outdoor photographers are offered some of the most striking and colourful photo opportunities of the year. The leaves begin to change, and the reds and oranges are bathed by the lower, oblique light that slants across the landscape, playing on the colours and textures.

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    Olympus Photowalk in Nottingham

    Saturday, 25th October 2014

    On Saturday 25th October I travelled to Nottingham to run a photography streetwalk which was organised by Olympus and London Camera Exchange via the Image Space web hub. Before we get started let me take a minute to explain that streetwalks aren’t just for Street photographers.

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    Olympus OM-D makes the link

    Thursday, 16th October 2014

    Pro photographer Robert Pugh recently teamed up with Olympus Image Space to offer a lunchtime shoot for local businesses, offering attendees a professional head and shoulders shot to place on their respective LinkedIn pages.

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    Boudoir Workshop at the Forbury Hotel

    Wednesday, 8th October 2014

    This Boudoir Photography Workshop was our inaugural event at the Forbury Hotel in Reading. The venue proved to be an inspired choice, simply an amazing place for such an intimate shoot.

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