On one not-so-fine day in October, we headed to Reading for an exclusive event at the incredibly picturesque Carters Steam Fair; a traditional English travelling funfair with rides dating from the 1890s to the 1960s!

As everyone gathered in Prospect Park, Reading, for our imminent photographic workshop, the foreboding skies added an extra air of something approaching menace to the awaiting visual feast that is Carters Steam Fair.

Luckily, it stayed light and dry long enough to get our first set-up captured before the heavens opened and we were forced to retreat under the cover of the vintage ‘Sliders’ and Dodgems rides for further photographs.

The event was run by Olympus Ambassador Marcus Clackson, ably accompanied by Olympus expert Jez Sugars who was on-hand to impart advanced technical advice and loan out Olympus cameras and lenses to test during the event.

Marcus’ first shoot location was the ‘Gallopers’ (not to be confused with a carousel under any circumstances – an American invention that rotates in the opposite direction apparently!)

Our two models, husband and wife duo Liana and Keith wore a variety of 1950s & 1960s outfits, using the Fair’s vintage trailers as a changing room. 

Once the weather closed in we moved under the cover of the ‘Skid’ – think Waltzers but with added interactivity (you control how much you spin/slide).

Thereafter we visited the Dodgems – what trip to the fair would be complete without one?! Our fantastic models even entertained attendees with an impromptu vintage dance routine. 

Huge thanks to Carters Steam Fair, in particular Joby Carter and Jodie Humphries for their help at the event, our models and of course Marcus Clackson, Jez Sugars and all the attendees who made light of the difficult conditions.

We managed to capture some exceptional photographs at the event and capture this hugely photogenic venue spectacularly in challenging conditions. Keep a look out for similar Olympus events here on Olympus Image Space.

Want to see some of the attendees’ photos from the event? Click here to visit the Olympus UK Events Facebook page.

Photo by Jodie Humphries