Whilst sitting at home like the majority of us in these difficult times, I decided to sift through my previous images and get a little creative. The image below was created from a shot taken last year in Somerset and another moon shot, from a few weeks ago in the back garden.

The first stage was to open both images in Photoshop. The church shot was then worked on by selecting the sky, in this instance by the magic wand tool. In the layers panel, the “add mask” icon was clicked on whilst the church layer was selected.

The mask was then inverted refine edge was then used to clean up any edges and foliage.

Next, the moon image was “selected all” and then “copy”. The church image was then selected again and “paste” was clicked to insert the copy of the moon in a new layer that was then moved down below the church layer.

Using the “arrow“ tool, the moon layer was repositioned to taste and if necessary was resized using the “file” “transform” “scale” function.

The blank area around the moon was then selected using the “magic wand” tool and the section enlarged by 2 pixels. A sample of the black area around the moon was taken using the “eyedropper” tool. This was then filled with the “paint bucket” tool and the selection de-selected.

Next, a selection was made using the “polygonal lasso” tool keeping a realistic line from the church simulating where a shadow edge would fall. This selection was then “feathered” by 50 pixels and enlarged by 50 pixels before deselecting any now area overlapping the church. The selected area was then darkened using “brightness and contrast”.

The selection was then “inverted” and an area around the tower added to the de-selected area before the rest of the grass was altered to a lesser extent using “brightness and contrast” controls.

The selection was then de-selected and the image saved as a “PSD” file so any future alterations could be made.

The image was then finished in Lightroom with an adjustment being made to the blacks, whites, saturation and clarity to taste plus a small mask painted on to the shadow side of the church to darken it.

The Burrow Mump (church on the hill) I captured using an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II and M.Zuiko Digital ED 12‑100mm F4 IS PRO. The super moon was captured from the back garden during the lockdown with an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III with the M.Zuiko Digital ED 40‑150mm F2.8 PRO plus the x2.