Since changing her kit, Olympus Ambassador
and street photographer Martina Govindraj
hasn’t looked back.
Here she shares how her switch to Olympus
has refreshed and restored her enthusiasm
for photography.

Architecture, urban and underground pro Martina Govindraj has an uncomplicated approach to imagery. “I favour clean lines, empty spaces and simplicity. Real life is hectic enough, which is why I look to produce images that aren’t busy,” she says. Martina is a self-taught photographer, but has always been drawn to visually pleasing design, from furniture to tall buildings. “I usually have an idea of an area or place that I want to explore, then hand over navigation and let my intuition lead the way. I try to capture moments in time that can’t be replicated.”
Martina started shooting when she was 16, but rediscovered her passion in 2015 when she switched to Olympus’ mirrorless system. “I used to have a hefty DSLR which not only weighed me down, but also slowed me down. I was fed up and wanted to do something with a smaller, lighter camera. The E-M10 Mark II ticked all the boxes I required for travel photography—reliable, compact and enjoyable to use.”
Martina’s Instagram @YesZebra is growing rapidly, and the camera’s extra features helped here too. “The wireless connection with my phone made it a perfect companion when I wanted to edit or post a photo to my Instagram.” As a lover of simplicity and stunning design, she found the new camera liberating. “I was thrilled to discover that not only was my new Olympus an object of beauty, but it was also portable, lightweight and discreet.”
Since changing her kit, Martina hasn’t looked back. She’s excited to add the latest Olympus E-M1 Mark II to her kitbag. “I don’t think you can fully appreciate how impressive the continuous autofocus and burst shooting features are until you’ve got your hands on the camera and seen for yourself. It’s simply breathtaking, and you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the design.”
She loves working with the 12-40mm M.Zuiko ED f/2.8 PRO lens. “The continuous f/2.8 aperture and compact build make it a super lens to shoot with regardless of distance and lighting conditions. It’s versatile, well-balanced and produces superb image quality.”
Martina’s images are superb, graphic and understated. “I allow shots to compose themselves, sometimes waiting for up to an hour for the right person in the right coloured coat to walk down the street. I don’t think about avoiding cliches, but stay true to my own vision for a shot. Once you start on your journey to be a photographer, you see the world and everything around you in a different way.”
Martina doesn’t consciously look for creative inspiration, but knows how important it is to have the right mindset and the right tools. “For me, the trick was to give myself some time to see and appreciate what most people consider to be the everyday mundane. That enabled me to develop my photography. There is nothing more deflating than wanting to go out shooting, but feeling weighed down and held back by your kit. I never thought that I’d jump camera brands, but I can’t wait to take the E-M1 Mark II on my next trip.”
Article featured in Digital Camera Magazine in April 2017