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Here’s how to get out and find the unforgettable images that tell great stories without words…

Street photography month has been a blast – in particular, the images flooding into our social streams are awesome. One thing’s clear – Olympus kit and street photography go together like, well, Olympus cameras and street photography.

If you’re starting out, we’ve got loads of resources to help you. Not least our very own social media streams – hit up our Instagram or Facebook to see what we mean. Or go our back catalogue of blogs – we’ve already covered the four essential skills you need to tell a story, as well as the best lenses to use and how to get both candid and not-so-candid street shots.

But if you’re still looking for inspiration, all you need is a decent project. Once you come up with a theme or a story, you’ll find street photography is much easier. Simply heading out with your camera will sometimes yield a few great shots, but starting with a clear idea of what you want to say almost guarantees it.

Fresh out of ideas? Let us help…

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1. Strangers

A simple theme, but a virtually unlimited one. What happens when you start shaking hands with people in the street and asking them a little about themselves? This theme has been taken to the max by the awesome, much-copied Humans of New York, but it translates so beautifully to other places that it’s a great place to start.

2. Protest

You don’t necessarily need to don a crash helmet and a flak jacket to take interesting pictures of protest. If you live near a major city, you’ll find all kinds of groups striving to make their points to the powers that be. So do a little research online and head to your nearest city hall or civic centre to find wittily-written signs, perhaps the odd bit of fancy dress and, you never know, the odd serious political point. Get in the thick of the action and remember – if a doctor joins a protest gorily dressed as the death of the NHS, they’re expecting to be photographed. Don’t be shy!

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By Lorenzo Fasola

3. Animal matters

This is a project you can work on no matter where you live. How do people who live near you relate to animals? In a city, this could be tiny handbag dogs (if only the craze for teacup pigs hadn’t died off so soon), or greyhound racing. If you live somewhere more rural it could be anything from cattle grazing to horse riding. If there’s one thing you can say about people in the UK, it’s that we’re passionate about our animals. Find a group that’s willing for you to hang around (perhaps in return for a few snaps) and get to work.

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4. Community

How would you describe the community where you live? Is it close-knit? Perhaps it’s formed of lots of smaller, tight communities that jostle alongside each other. What brings your community together, or divides it? This is another theme that can work wherever you live, and encompasses a huge number of faces and personalities.Got a project underway? Just finished one? Perhaps you’ve got an idea for a project you’re dying to share. Get in touch with us on our Facebook page, or share your finished images with us and the huge army of fans on our Instagram feed – just tag us with #OlympusUK to guarantee we’ll see it.