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Transform your photography in 14 days

Throughout the year we’ve been busy creating video guides, live broadcasts and informative blog posts designed to help you get the most out of your camera. Now we’ve organised them into 14 themed days worth of information and inspiration – covering a multitude of content on technology and technique that we believe will truly take your photography to another level.

Some are short videos, some are blog posts, some are longer live-streamed workshops but they all feature some great advice from experts in their field. We’ve picked out a selection to give you options and added inspiration and equipment ideas that you might find helpful. 

If you’ve been watching the Olympus team throughout the year you may have already seen some of these – and you don’t have to watch every video or read every article in every section. Feel free to pick and choose the bits that appeal, and obviously you can take as long or as little time to complete the challenge, depending on what you have available. Hopefully it will give you some great ideas to keep you and your camera busy, and kickstart your creativity. We guarantee you won’t regret it!

Keep us tagged if you share any photos or videos that you create after working your way through the project – and use #HomeWithOlympus to show others your work!

Tap the button to get started or use the links below to re-join the challenge where you left off.

Your camera deserves this – enjoy!

Day 1

Get to know your camera

Day 2

The Basics of Photography 

Day 3

Portrait Photography 

Day 4

Landscape Photography

Day 5

Macro AND

Day 6

AND Birds

Day 7

Star Trails & Long ExposureS

Day 8

Creative Project IDEAS

Day 9

In-camera creative modes

Day 10

Get Creative with Gavin

Day 11

Get creative …Again!

Day 12

Capturing Video

Day 13

Mastering Flash

Day 14

Challenge Complete!