One sunny day in May, we joined Kent Cookery School owner James Palmer Rosser, Masterchef 2010 finalist Alex Rushmer and Olympus Ambassador Marcus Clackson for a mouthwatering workshop like no other!

What could be better than a day photographing mouthwatering food prepared by two top chefs….Oh yes eating it too!

That’s what 20 keen photographers got to do on the recent Olympus Food Photography event at Kent Cookery School, where an eclectic array of fresh dishes were cooked up using delicious seasonal ingredients.

The day began with an introduction from Olympus Ambassador Marcus Clackson, who has many years experience photographing food for restaurants, suppliers and advertising agencies.

After going through the different lighting techniques the group would be touching on, Marcus introduced the talented chefs James Palmer Rosser and Alex Rushmer, who covered what they would be creating and cooking during the day.

As usual on such events, the guests were given the chance to try out some of the latest flagship OM-D cameras and lenses during the event, with the knowledgeable crew from Olympus on-hand to offer help and advice.

After splitting into smaller groups, the first joined Marcus in a side room where several still-life tables were set up. This provided the the opportunity to shoot some of the prepared dishes using a combination of daylight, constant lighting and flash strobes. The importance of reflectors, composition and styling were all discussed to get the best out of the stunning dishes so they sparkled with life.

The second group were given the chance to shoot some of the fresh, raw ingredients with a focus on macro photography. The Olympus PRO Macro lenses along with the fantastic STF-8 flash definitely came in handy!

The third group were set-up to shadow and photograph the chefs as they prepared, cooked and discussed their dishes throughout the morning. This was a great opportunity to use the exciting features of the OM-D cameras and lenses, including fast focusing and high-speed shooting (all handheld) both of which were especially useful for capturing the action that James and Alex created.

It may not surprise you to hear that photographing all that delicious looking food had made us very hungry! After a delicious lunch of freshly made focaccia and various tapas boards and dishes, the afternoon session continued with different set-ups around the chefs and their dishes.

This included a fantastic BBQ set-up with James, who cooked a chicken with the Beer can technique – which of course made for lots of exciting outdoor photography around the flames and cooking!

To see some of the attendees’ shots from the day, head over to our Olympus UK Events Facebook group. And don’t forget to follow Marcus on Instagram!