As Landscape Month comes to an end, we’re focusing on your stunning images…

We’ve had a blast during Landscape Month. As the days get shorter and sunsets get more accessible, this has been an amazing time to get inspired, get outside and make the most of the world around us.

We’ve dished out plenty of advice – how to shoot star trails, the best photo spots around the UK, the best wide-angle lenses to use, and more. But by far our favourite aspect of Landscape Month has been watching your images flood into our social media streams. From urban to rural landscapes, and from sunrise to sunset – and even a few in between – it’s been you, our photographers, who’ve been setting the standard.

Still need inspiration for your landscape photography? Look no further, because here are some of the best images we’ve seen over the month.

Shadow Play

Why not start with a belter? In our humble opinion, this is exactly the right exposure for this kind of light, allowing the shadows to drop to near-black, and letting that sunlit triangle in the middle of the frame sit as a midtone. Those lines leading through the image are a lovely touch, and the birds in flight finish it off. Colour us jealous.

Chilly vision

Brrrr! We love an image with a bit of effort behind it, and it doesn’t get tougher than dragging yourself out of a warm bed to climb towards Mont Blanc in the dark. The result is this marvellous capture of the tail-end of the blue hour and the beginning of a new day. We love those pointy highlights flaring off the sun, as well as the little red dashes across the top of the clouds towards the top of the frame. There’s loads of craggy, chilly-looking detail in the rocks and shadows – but are we still OK to sign off with ‘rather you than us’?

Underneath the arches

Autumn light at its best! Our favourite bit of this image is the highlights on the underside of each of the viaduct’s arches. Not that there isn’t competition from elsewhere – those rich greens and oranges are beautifully produced, and there’s lots of interesting composition going on. Look at the horizontal line of the horizon, then the competing diagonals dragging across the rest of the image. Landscape geometry at its very best.

Magnificent ruin

If you’re looking to produce a decent image of Brighton’s west pier, you’ll need to work hard. It’s one of the most spectacular pieces of architecture in the south of England, so wandering past at lunchtime with a cameraphone won’t cut it. So hoorah for this smashing image, fired from the perfect angle to silhouette the crumbling pier against a spectacular sunset. Red runs to orange and yellow which runs to a marvellously foreboding purple, with the groyne in the foreground lending a little perspective and compositional intrigue.

Human perspective

Now if there’s one thing we love in landscape photography it’s a little perspective – nothing emphasises how small human beings are in nature than, well, human beings in nature. We love how the twin diagonal lines of the river lead directly to the subject of the image, and the river unifying to lead off toward parts unknown. There are some lovely tones as well, like how the sky mirrors the colour of the water, while those understated greens match the bright rocks underfoot.

Light fantastic

Not all landscapes need to be shot in nature. We love the curves and shapes of this iconic Californian building, as well as the more organic shaped sculpture at the bottom of the frame. The blue sky and orange tree complement each other beautifully, and the soft, warm light scattered across the building is a photographer’s dream. True fact: this building had to be resurfaced after it was finished because the reflected light posed a blinding hazard to passing cars.

That’s it for Landscape Month but don’t let that stop you! Keep your images coming with the hashtag #OlympusUK to our Instagram and Twitter feeds, or check out our Facebook and Flickr groups for more inspiration. Keep snapping!