McGillicuddy Training Academies are purpose-built centres where you can learn and enjoy every aspect of photography, from dedicated training days to tailor-made portfolio-building events. The brainchild of Photographer and Educator, Damian McGillicuddy, these dedicated centres have been developed to make his philosophy and methods accessible all across the country.
Each facility is led by a handpicked Principal who has been personally tutored and continually mentored by Damian McGillicuddy, five-time Master Photographer of the Year, seven-time Society Photographer of the Year and multiple fellowship holder. This makes the Academies the ideal place to learn classical and cutting edge techniques on everything from composition to lighting, and provides the perfect playground to get to grips with your gear and discover some of the more intricate tricks that your camera is capable of.

Whether you’re an eager enthusiast or a practicing professional, MCGillicuddy Training Academies offer first-class instruction, friendly guidance and assistance, an opportunity to sharpen your skills and, most importantly, somewhere social to have fun and enjoy the camaraderie of photography – whatever kit you use!


Not only is Oakbase the flagship Training Academy, it is Damian McGillicuddy’s own studio. And being the purpose-built personal playground of the five-time Master Photographer of the Year, it’s filled to the rafters with just about every piece of kit imaginable – not to mention 30 years of knowledge and award-winning imagery from Olympus’ Principal Photographer and Educator.


Centrally located in the ceremonial county of Newcastle, the Academy is ideally positioned to cover the north and northeast region.

Headed by Principal Alan Clarke, a much in demand general practice photographer, this is the perfect place to learn a wide range of practical skills that will directly enhance your personal or professional photography.


With a 32 x 36 feet shooting area, triple-sided blackout and chroma key curtains, as well as an electric-winched overhead lighting rig and full DMX control for videographic work, this is one of the most spacious and best-appointed studios in the country. Led by Cambridge University alumnus Guann-Yeu Chin, the Academy caters for virtually any photographic need.


The West Midlands Academy is within striking distance of everywhere from Wales to Worcestershire. This Academy is tailor-made for those looking to hone the business as well as the art of photography.