PhotasticArt.com is a new breed of gallery making leading photographic wall art more accessible.

This new concept brings carefully curated collections of prints from globally recognised photographers directly to the mass market. At the heart of Photastic Art is the desire to simplify the process of buying and collecting exceptional reproductions.

The collections available from Photastic Art will, in time, grow as new and exclusive partnerships are revealed. Representing a multitude of photographic disciplines, there is a long list of works in the pipeline. Initially, Photastic Art is proud to launch with collections from Olympus Visionary Peter Dench and Ambassador Tesni Ward.

Peter is a celebrated UK-based photographer, presenter, writer, curator and serial award-winner whose work gravitates toward the quirkier aspects of life. Tesni is is an award-winning professional wildlife photographer. Her many accolades include the prestigious British Wildlife Photography Awards and regularly appearances as an expert for the BBC and on other specialist stations, channels & in magazine articles.

Peter’s first collection to be showcased by Photoastic Art is A1: Britain on the Verge. In 2017 he set out to document life along Britain’s longest road. The A1 begins in near St. Paul’s in the centre of London, zipping north through the suburbs of Bedfordshire, the industrial East Midlands, northeast England and the east coast of Scotland, ending around 410 miles later in Edinburgh. His images capture the eccentric soul of the nation, from independent cafes and truck stops to iconic landmarks and the many characters he met along the way.

Tesni’s collection brings us nose to nose and sometimes beak with the stars of British Wildlife from the badger, puffin, squirrel, deer and hare. These up-close encounters reveal the majesty of British nature as well as being super cute!

Photastic Art’s selection of photographic prints and canvas prints are produced to exceed expectations and elevate the home environment.