Our Olympus Photographers are a group of talented and inspirational professionals who are also loyal Olympus users. We work with them to share their expertise, give you an insight into their journey as photographers and help inspire you to reach your full creative potential.



Olympus Visionary

Ian Berry made his reputation as a photojournalist reporting from South Africa, where he worked for the Daily Mail and later Drum magazine. He was the only photographer to document the massacre at Sharpeville. While based in Paris he was invited to join Magnum by Henri Cartier-Bresson. He moved to London to become the first contract photographer for the Observer Magazine.



With over 20 years experience, Olympus Visionary Peter Dench works primarily in the advertising, corporate, portraiture and documentary fields of image making. A keen and astute observer of human nature and in particular some of the quirkier aspects of life, his distinctive style, predominantly in colour, has guaranteed regular commissions from a range or respected international clients including: FORD, LateRooms.com, Coca Cola, Weetabix, Barclays Wealth and Barclaycard.



John Nassari first became interested in photography at the tender age of 13 when his stepfather gave him his first camera. After earning a degree in advertising photography from the then University of Arts in 1991, he pursued a career in advertising and editorial photography. John followed the academic path throughout much of his career. He now specialises in reportage weddings, portraiture and interior work.



Philip Volkers ARPS was born in 1980 and grew up in the Wiltshire countryside. He studied Indian Philosophy and Shamanic Studies at SOAS (a highly influential experience for Philip that defined much of his later work), but it was not until receiving the inaugural Royal Photographic Society/Jeff Vickers MBE Bursary for Aspiring Young Talent in 2009 that he found his calling as a photographer.




Jimmy Cheng LRPS is a self-taught and awarded photographer and filmmaker. Given a film point and shoot camera when he was 13 from his mother, he developed an interest in recording the journey of life. This passion continued through his university days and his early part of career as an engineer. 



Commercial photographer Marcus Clackson specialises in design, advertising and editorial photography with a broad range of clients. A London based photographer passionate about making images for over 20 years, Marcus has vast experience in location, lifestyle, people and product photography developed on assignments undertaken both in the UK and abroad.



Steve Gosling is an award winning professional photographer who specialises in producing creative & contemporary landscape images (his signature style is moody & atmospheric black & white photographs). His photographs have been published internationally in books, magazines & newspapers and on greetings cards, posters & advertisements. He particularly enjoys writing & teaching about photography.



Martina Govindraj is a self taught photographer, who rediscovered her love for photography when she picked up her first OLYMPUS OM-D in 2015. This has become her regular travel companion and has enabled her to shoot the world in her own and sometimes unconventional way, striving to capture scenes in life that would ordinarily go unnoticed. She is passionate about design and urban spaces and enjoys recording these on her travels.



Gavin Hoey is a freelance photographer, OLYMPUS ambassador and trainer of all things photographic. His work is regularly featured in photography magazines, on countless websites and in videos. Gavin has a real passion for sharing his photography knowledge. In 2008 he started recording and uploading video tutorials to YouTube. These quickly gained a large following and his videos are now viewed by millions of photographers each year.



With over 30 years experience as a professional photographer, OLYMPUS Ambassador Mike Inkley works primarily in the field of motorsport photography. Covering F1, Touring Cars, Moto GP, etc. His images have been used by most of the leading TV channels and UK national papers. In addition to having in excess of 5,000 published images, he writes about motorsport and has had over 1,500 published articles. He has also shoots cricket, a multitude of different location and wildlife work as well as military aviation for the UK Defence Journal.



Based in East London, British fashion and portrait photographer Jay McLaughlin has always had a keen interest in photography. Initially choosing to study graphic design, his interest in photography dominated and as a result heavily influenced the direction of his design portfolio. Eventually pursuing photography outright, within six months he had secured his first magazine cover and within a year he was shooting for national magazines.



Jessica is an American born photographer, happily living by the seaside in England with her husband and daughter. She has been a professional photographer for 20 years, shooting everything from products to babies. She currently loves shooting weddings and portraits professionally.

Geraint Radford


Geraint is a professional wildlife macro photographer and tutor, an insect’s best friend, vegan and cake addict.
Growing up in the beautiful Welsh valleys his days were often spent with his younger brother exploring the outdoors and searching for bugs, slow worms and other mini beasts. This is where he found his deep love and appreciation of nature and wildlife. Geraint uses the OM-D E-M1 Mark II combined with the Olympus 60mm macro and an Olympus STF-8 flash.



Craig Reilly is a London based street photographer and Olympus Ambassador. Having originally started photographing the streets in 2015, Craig has honed his skills by covering many miles on the streets of London and many other European cities. With a clear, concise and relaxed teaching style, Craig works at a pace to suit your needs and skill level, enabling you to develop your own style and approach when you hit the streets alone.



Tesni is a Wildlife and Nature photographer based in Sheffield. She aspires to use her images to promote conservation and to educate the public on how to help protect the many species currently under threat from human activity. She regularly works on projects with individual species, developing a deep appreciation and understanding of them.



Olympus Mentor

Ellie Cartwright is a filmmaker with a passion for all things adventure, be that filming action sports in far flung places or travel content on the road less travelled. Passionate about telling stories for short-form video content Ellie has now filmed content for Olympus for the last two years, travelling to Greece, Madeira and the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador!


Olympus Mentor

Born and raised in East London Cleveland has had a love affair with photography for as long as he could remember. After sixth form he spent 11 years working in the city before finally breaking free to pursue a career in photography. Always looking forward and never looking back, he started shooting music portraits, fashion and urban street culture…

John Collins

Olympus Mentor

John Collins is a passionate photographer with varied interests in lens-based practice, including underwater, landscape, urban and contemporary. A keen observer of light and life, John learned the craft of photography in commercial, wedding and portraiture, before moving to a career in healthcare. 

Rob Cottle

Olympus Mentor

Wildlife is the reason Rob picks up the camera but the camera makes him go out to see it more often. His adoration for wildlife is far more important than pressing the shutter button and its wellbeing always comes first. He is a huge advocate of local species and capturing them in a new light, conveying that all wildlife is interesting and not just the iconic or the cuddly.


Olympus Mentor

Photojournalist Thomas Dworzak has covered some of the most prominent newsroom topics of the last twenty years. From the 2015 Paris terror attacks, to personal projects such as The Dark World of Pokémon Go!, he has documented and explored the most conflicting elements of human behaviour and society…


Olympus Mentor

Derek Forss started his photography journey in 1959 but it was not until 1976 that he obtained his first SLR film camera. He turned professional in 1979 to start his own Picture Library of Landscape & Architectural scenes of the British Isles. Today he has more than 100,000 images, which are still reproduced by major publishing houses in quality books and magazines. His lectures and audio visual shows have been presented nationwide.


Olympus Mentor

Roger has been involved in photography for over 30 years. He joined Ipswich and District Photographic Society in 1984 and joined the Royal Photographic Society the following year. He progressed through Licentiateship, Associateship, and gained a certain amount of notoriety in 1990 when he was awarded three Fellowships in the same year. 

Andrew McCarthy

Olympus Mentor

Andrew McCarthy is a photographer, professional ecologist and passionate conservationist who has been lucky enough to have worked with wildlife for over 30 years. Although he enjoys a wide range of photographic genres, including landscape, street/urban and travel, he specialises in nature photography – especially macro work with insects. This is a group of animals on which we humans depend for our survival and which are declining at an alarming rate. 

Tom ormerod

Olympus Mentor

Family man Tom has always been around cameras and photography but only recently found his niche. When he’s not standing knee deep in water or doing an impression of a mountain goat on the side of a cliff, he works as an IT Consultant and specialises in the Education sector. Tom primarily shoots seascapes and love shots that have a lot of close foreground detail, especially along the Jurassic Coast in his home county of Dorset.

Magic Owen

Olympus Mentor

Magic has always had an attraction to the arts, particularly Photography. From an early age she started experimenting with film cameras and spent hours in the Darkroom. The rise of digital age gave her freedom to experiment with new concepts and let her imagination run free. For Magic, photography is all about creating a story and looking at every angle of the shoot including hair and makeup.

Jonathan Saull

Olympus Mentor

Jonathan is a self taught photographer who fell in love with aviation at the age of five. Photography became a major part of his life after his parents bought him his first SLR camera when he was 13 – he saved up his pocket money and soon purchased a second hand lens so he could take photos of aeroplanes. In 2012 Jonathan moved to digital, and very quickly to Olympus, firstly using an EM-5 to explore different genres of Photography, returning to the airfields with an EM-1.


Olympus Mentor

Michael received his first camera in 1968 as a Christmas present, and his first SLR five years later, initiating his fascination with creating images, rather than simply recording them. He developed an interest in off camera lighting by experimenting with thyristor flashguns in the mid seventies. Professionally, Michael has worked in most photographic arenas, developing skills he’s been able to transfer to other areas, creating a style of his own. 


Olympus Mentor

David Tipling has had a passion for birds since the age of nine and started photographing them in his early teens. In 1992 he entered the world of professional wildlife photography and was recruited to shoot for the Tony Stone Agency. During the 90s David started a picture agency, going on to represent some of the World’s most talented bird photographers. 

Charlie Waite

Olympus Mentor

Charlie Waite is now firmly established as one of the world’s leading Landscape photographers. His style is unique in that his photographs convey a spiritual quality of serenity and calm. He has established a worldwide reputation for his particular approach to his work.


Olympus Mentor

Jasper Wilkins is dedicated to environmental and humanitarian issues and has worked across Japan, Ethiopia, America, and Thailand. After accidentally documenting homelessness with his first camera at the age of 15, Jasper started to see the impact of photography and has since used the camera as a tool to document realities around the world. The mobility, functionality and precision of the OM-D cameras have allowed him to share many beautiful cultures around the world.