Andrew McCarthy is a photographer, professional ecologist and passionate conservationist who has been lucky enough to have worked with wildlife for over 30 years. Although he enjoys a wide range of photographic genres, including landscape, street/urban and travel, he specialises in nature photography – especially macro work with insects. This is a group of animals on which we humans depend for our survival and which are declining at an alarming rate. Consequently Andrew’s philosophy is not just to take great images for their own sake, but also to use his work to highlight the beauty and complexity of the natural world, and to raise awareness of the fragility of our environment in a period of unprecedented environmental change.

Andrew’s photography life started in the 1970s when he started out with Olympus film cameras. He always loved the simplicity of analogue and his bag now includes a refurbished 1979 Olympus OM2 and a bundle of OM lenses – this generates a great deal of interest when he’s out and about! For his wildlife work he uses two E-M1 Mark II bodies, as well as the 300mm F4, 40-150mm F2.8 and 60mm macro lenses. Andrew switched to Olympus from full frame in early 2018, in large part because of the lightweight and versatile nature of the kit, but also because of the stunning Pro lenses, surprisingly good sensor image quality and wonderful in-body IS in the EM1-II – the system is a treat to use every time he heads out.

Andrew’s articles have appeared in local and national publications including Amateur Photographer and Outdoor Photographer and he has had several successful images in the BBC Countryfile calendar. Andrew holds an RPS Associateship for his wildlife work and has won a number of awards, including the 2018 British Wildlife Photography Awards ‘Hidden Britain’ category with a 42 shot stack of a nursery web spider. He is also an associate tutor with Devon Photography School and undertakes talks/presentations, 1:1 tutorials and workshops on nature and landscape photography, through which he gets to pursue his passion – talking about photography and natural history!