Damian’s hard work and dedication has resulted in him earning 7 international Fellowships, holding the title of Master Photographer with the NPS and the Guild of Photographers, being the first photographer to be awarded a Double Masters with the Societies and being one of only 3 individuals to be honoured with the prestigious title of ‘Grand Master’. In 2013, his achievements lead to Damian being instated as an Olympus Visionary.

With over 25 years in the industry Damian has gained a fantastic level of knowledge and experience. With the aid of his team Damian runs many photographic workshops and training days throughout the year, his photography workshops are designed to help you achieve your photographic and business goals and aspirations. Over the past 5 years Damian’s training has resulted in photographers achieving many national and international awards, 10 photographers of the year titles, and has seen a great number of photographers gaining photographic qualifications – ranging from licentiate all of the way to fellowship.

Those who know Damian McGillicuddy personally will be aware that his passion life that has always run in parallel to his love of photography is the noble art of the Marquis of Queensbury (or boxing to you and I). A phrase often banded around in boxing circles is “pound for pound the best” – being a term used to describe the most skilled within the noble art, irrespective of weight class. It wouldn’t be a misuse of this term if used to describe McGillicuddy and his impact on his chosen profession, namely photography.