Gabrielle specialises in portrait, travel and documentary photography. Her personal work focuses on long-term projects, the subjects of which frequently evolve across immersive journeys that take her around the globe.

She spent the three years living in Iceland where she began working on her first book “An Equal Difference” in 2013, published in 2016. A collection of discussions, portraits and landscapes exploring the Icelandic mindset, An Equal Difference is inspired by our modern search for gender equality and shared humanity.

Gabrielle is also a self-confessed motorcycle addict and recently completed a journey from England to Iceland on a 250cc motorcycle, resulting in a body of work entitled “Henge to Henge”.

She studied psychology, film and photography at the University of Miami and the Spéos Institute in Paris, and has also worked as a professional photographic printer, an editor and colourist in cinema, a professional speaker, and guest lecturer in cinema and photography.