Jasper Wilkins is dedicated to environmental and humanitarian issues and has worked across Japan, Ethiopia, America, and Thailand.

After accidentally documenting homelessness with his first camera at the age of 15, Jasper started to see the impact of photography and has since used the camera as a tool to document realities around the world. The mobility, functionality and precision of the OM-D cameras have allowed him to share the beautiful cultures around the world. In 2013, Jasper won the Olympus Student Photography Competition, for his work in Ethiopia and has had work featured in various magazines, books and exhibitions around the world.

Having obtaining Bachelor Media & Culture at London College of Communication he has developed an academic insight into the globalised world and has worked alongside Universities and Colleges conducting presentations and organising events. His main interests lie in documentary photography, specifically evolving around technology, animal welfare, humanitarian and education but also has experience photographing portraits, events and weddings.

The environment is vital to all of our existence, yet we are destroying it at an alarming rate, Jasper is currently setting up a global organisation called In Focus that enables creatives to share important stories about the sustainability of the environment, through visual communication. In January, 2017 he worked in International development within Nepal, using the Olympus equipment to document the realities of the culture.

“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.”

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