OLYMPUS Brand Visionary Jay McLaughlin has always taken a keen interest in photography. Having originally studied graphic design, he was made redundant in 2006 and suddenly found himself in a position where he had an opportunity to consider a change of direction.

“I’ve always been a visually driven and creative person,” he believes. “So I went out and bought myself a DSLR. From that point on, I knew who I was.”

Within six months of pursuing his passion for photography outright, Jay secured his first magazine cover. Within a year he was shooting for the nationals. Current work includes fashion and celebrity editorial shoots alongside commercial and advertising projects.

Jay admits to flirting with a variety of photographic formats, but says the OLYMPUS OM-D is the first camera with which he has made a deep connection. The love affair has arisen not only due to its stunning image quality, but also its compact size and vintage feel.