Philip Volkers


Philip Volkers ARPS was born in 1980 and grew up in the Wiltshire countryside. He studied Indian Philosophy and Shamanic Studies at SOAS (a highly influential experience for Philip that defined much of his later work), but it was not until receiving the inaugural Royal Photographic Society/Jeff Vickers MBE Bursary for Aspiring Young Talent in 2009 that he found his calling as a photographer.

With a strong focus on nature and freedom of expression, Philip finds his main subject matter through travel. Recent adventures have led him to explore human gatherings, be they spiritual, hedonistic or both. More specifically, Philip seeks to capture moments of heightened consciousness and unity within these gatherings, and so to encourage the inquisitive aspect of the viewer to be stimulated by the images he creates.

Philip’s work also includes reportage, portraits, commercial imagery (including jewellery) and extreme sports. His main aim with all of these genres is to produce imagery that is stand-alone in its impact; he exhibits across the board in galleries worldwide.