Olympus Ambassador Tesni Ward is a Wildlife and Nature photographer based in Sheffield.

Tesni’s photographic journey began when she was given her first DSLR on holiday as a teenager, but it was in her early 20’s that Tesni began to give photography more attention. With upgraded equipment and a new thirst for photography, she would go out and explore the Peak District at the weekend, snapping away at anything she found to be visually appealing. It was however when she travelled to Alaska to photograph the famous coastal Brown Bears that everything really changed for her – being surrounded by ‘true’ wilderness, camping on a beach whilst surrounded by wolves, bears and all manner of other wild animals gave her the first real sense of freedom.

‘Wildlife is unexpected in so many ways. I love everything about nature, but when you photograph wildlife the personality of individual animals begins to shine through, the more time you spend with them. I love nothing more than trying to capture these small quirks and behaviours that make each animal as unique as you or I.’

In March 2016 Tesni decided to take the step to becoming a full time photographer. She now aspires to use her images and stories to promote conservation and to educate the public on how to help protect the many species currently under threat from human activity.

She regularly works on projects with individual species, developing a deep appreciation and understanding of them before using this to help raise awareness. She also runs regular workshops and tours, not only to help others capture beautiful images and teach individuals the art of photography but also to give them the opportunity to experience how magical the natural world is.