Please read through the below carefully and check the authorised dealer lists before purchasing an Olympus product as part of a promotion.

Retailer Information

Authorised Olympus Retailers

Please check the lists below to find an authorised stockist. We will accept promotional claims against purchases from one of these retailers, providing you have purchased the correct camera model, in new condition (not used or secondhand) within the relevant promotion dates.

If you are still unsure whether your chosen supplier qualifies for a particular promotion, please email admin[at]olympus-imagespace.co.uk to check before purchasing.

Bass & Bligh

Beverley Camera Centre

Bristol Cameras

Camera Box

Cambrian Photography

Camera Centre Cardiff

Camera Centre Newport

Camera Centre Dublin - Grafton Street

Camera Centre Dublin - Blanchardstown

CameraWorld London

CameraWorld Chelmsford

CameraWorld Stevenage

Campkins Cameras

Carmarthen Camera Centre

Castle Cameras Bournemouth

Castle Cameras Salisbury

Chiswick Cameras

Chris Goodhead Photographic

Clifton Cameras

Comley Cameras

Conns Cameras

Ffordes Photographic

Guernsey Photographics

Harper Photographic

Harrison Cameras

Hilton Photographic

J&A Cameras

JRS Photo Hradware

LCE Bath

LCE Bristol

LCE Bristol Horsefair

LCE Cheltenham

LCE Chester

LCE Chichester

LCE Colchester

LCE Derby

LCE Exeter

LCE Gloucester

LCE Guildford

LCE Hereford

LCE Leamington Spa

LCE Lincoln

LCE Manchester

LCE Newcastle

LCE Norwich

LCE Nottingham

LCE Plymouth

LCE Portsmouth

LCE Reading

LCE Salisbury

LCE Southampton

LCE Strand

LCE Taunton

LCE Winchester

LCE Worcester

Merchant City Cameras

Pantiles Cameras Sevenoaks

Pantiles Cameras Tunbridge Wells

Park Cameras Burgess Hill

Park Cameras London

Photosound Camerad

SRS Microsystems

UK Digital

Wex Photo Video Norwich

Wex Photo Video London

Wex Photo Video Belfast

Wex Photo Video Birmingham

Wex Photo Video Bristol

Wex Photo Video Edinburgh

Wex Photo Video Glasgow

Wex Photo Video Manchester

Wilkinson Cameras Burnley

Wilkinson Cameras Bury

Wilkinson Cameras Carlisle

Wilkinson Cameras Chester

Wilkinson Cameras Kendal

Wilkinson Cameras Lancaster

Wilkinson Cameras Liverpool

Wilkinson Cameras Preston

Wilkinson Cameras Southport

Wilkinson Cameras Warrington

York Camera Mart

Jessops Glasgow

Jessops Edinburgh

Jessops Belfast

Jessops Gateshead Metrocentre

Jessops Liverpool

Jessops Preston

Jessops Manchester

Jessops Leeds

Jessops York

Jessops Hull

Jessops Sheffield Meadowhall

Jessops Nottingham

Jessops Shrewsbury

Jessops Birmingham

Jessops Leicester

Jessops Gloucester

Jessops Oxford

Jessops Bury St Edmunds

Jessops Bromley

Jessops London Oxford Street

Jessops Kingston

Jessops Basingstoke

Jessops Bath

Jessops Exeter

Canterbury Cameras

Great Western Cameras

Cameraland Cardiff

T4 Cameras Swindon

T4 Cameras Witney

Jessops Bath

Jessops Bromley

Jessops Gloucester

Wilkinson Burnley

Barker Photographic

Jessops Leeds


Other AUTHORISED Olympus STockists

In addition to our PRO dealers, we will accept claims from the authorised stockists listed above. Please always check stock on your chosen retailer’s website or call before travelling as these stores tend only to carry a limited range.

If you are still unsure whether your chosen supplier qualifies for a particular promotion, please email admin[at]olympus-imagespace.co.uk to check before purchasing.

Online Retailers


We will accept promotional claims made against purchases from Amazon UK, providing they are direct and not through Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon Marketplace is the online shopping network where other retailers can sell their products through the Amazon site. Amazon Marketplace allows sellers to resell used and new items, whereas Amazon does not. Under main product listings on Amazon, there are often options to buy from other suppliers. This link takes you to a separate page where it is made reasonably clear that the product is supplied by a 3rd party.

We need to be sure our products have come through the correct channels, so our promotions are run on products that we know have been sourced from us. As we know that Marketplace sellers do not buy from us as the official UK supplier, we cannot be sure where the camera has come from and therefore can only offer promotions to our official partners.

Beware of Grey Imports

A “grey import” is a product that has been imported from a country outside of the EU and therefore outside of the manufacturers authorised trading channels. Goods that are purchased in this manner may not include VAT in the price of goods, so the pricing can seem extremely competitive. Avoiding import duty and VAT is against the law and we can not support such transactions.

When it comes to grey imports it may feel like a “good deal” at first glance however this is a risky approach to buying goods and can result in a great deal of disappointment. There is a reason that grey importers are able to undercut legitimate high street pricing and this is because of their irregular operating practises. Many will remove items from the box; accessories, chargers, batteries etc and sell these as optional extras. They will also provide no support, advice, or knowledgeable staff to help or support you. In short, you can never be confident in what it is you are buying.

If you are still unsure whether your chosen supplier qualifies for a particular promotion, please email admin[at]olympus-imagespace.co.uk to check before purchasing.