With over 20 years of experience, Olympus Visionary Peter Dench works primarily in the advertising, corporate, portraiture and documentary fields of image making. A keen and astute observer of human nature and in particular some of the quirkier aspects of life, his distinctive style, predominantly in colour, has guaranteed regular commissions from a range or respected international clients. See how he got on with the new TG-6 below.

I always wanted a daughter and to document her growing up. It was all going well until she hit her teens and became aware of the photographs I’m probably best known for taking of the English at play. You wouldn’t necessarily want to appear in one of those photographs.

When I took the Olympus Tough TG-6 Camera on a few recent trips there was a shift in attitude. She wanted the robust and compact red camera pointed at her and wanted to point it at me. It became an interactive part of our days diving into the sea and on windy walks along the beach. I wasn’t nervous when she dropped it or when I sat on it, which was a lot.

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