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Wedding season is on its way, and one thing is clear: wedding photographers need all the help they can get. Fortunately, the Olympus tech could help save the day on your next big day.

You know the score! As a wedding photographer, you need to be prepared for a mentally and physically challenging day – trying to corral together a crowd of tipsy party animals, ensuring the bride looks her best for those all-important mantle-piece shots, checking you’ve got an image of all the bridesmaids together, and trying to eke out the fastest shutter-speed you can half an hour after the only window with any light has dwindled. Phew!

Yes, if you’re a wedding photographer, you already know that your job is among the hardest in the business; you probably also know that you need to squeeze the absolute best from every piece of equipment you own, from light-stands to cameras, and from lenses to batteries.

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Already an Olympus wedding shooter?

You’ll be familiar with the benefits of a fundamentally sound camera then – good performance at high ISO, compatibility with a wide range of pro lights and accessories, and all the lenses you need to make the best of even the toughest wedding. We’ve even got first-class five-axis image stabilisation, allowing you to make shutter speed sacrifices and still return rock-solid images.

But wait! Digging fractionally deeper into your camera’s abilities – what about reducing the number of shots you miss? Ladies and gentlemen, we present Pro Capture Mode. Pick up the OM-D E-M1 Mark II and prepare to have your socks well and truly blown off.

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If there’s one thing that pays off at a wedding, it’s taking a lot of pictures. Partly because for every important staged moment – cutting the cake, shooting a portrait of the happy couple and so on – there are a million tiny candid moments that will make the difference between a happy client and a delighted one. And, you don’t want to ruin the moment by snapping the camera mid-blink, so using continuous mode is key.

Pro Capture mode allows the OM-D EM-1 Mark II to capture a whopping 60fps – in RAW mode, so you can absolutely guarantee that all-important moment will be captured in high-resolution, in the same format as all your other pictures. Not only that, but Pro Capture mode starts working before you’ve even fully pressed the shutter-release, so even if your finger’s a little late on the trigger, you’ll find a few frames in there that happened before you even started shooting. Amazing doesn’t begin to cover it.

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Are you a Pro Capture mode devotee? We want to see your pictures! Bonus points if they’re wedding-related, but right now we want to see those images that absolutely wouldn’t have happened without Pro Capture Mode. Post them to Twitter or Instagram and tag them with #OlympusUK to guarantee we’ll see them.